Chinese American Progressive Action

To engage and empower Chinese Americans for a strong and diverse America.


CAPA shares with Chinese Americans and the broader U.S. public how progressive, forward-looking policies benefit our communities. We believe in justice, fairness, and an inclusive economy that provides opportunity for all Americans. CAPA lifts up Chinese American voices on the important issues that affect our country’s future and encourages Chinese Americans to take political action, lead our communities, and build coalitions to ensure a strong and diverse America.


We are organizing a committed, diverse, open, and passionate network of Chinese Americans dedicated to a progressive agenda in the U.S.  We are asking Chinese Americans from all backgrounds to join us.

CAPA provides a platform for Chinese Americans to strongly express their support for progressive policies. By signing up to take action in your community and donating, you make our work on raising awareness, organizing, and coalition building possible. Equally important, your support serves as recognition that Chinese-Americans need to stand up and be heard in this era where inclusiveness in America is under threat.

Join us in building a Chinese American movement that embraces a forward-looking agenda for a strong and diverse America.


Ensuring Representation in Census 2020

Image Credit: AAPI Data At Chinese American Progressive Action, we are strong advocates for an accurate count of Asian and Pacific Islander American communities in Census 2020. We are particularly concerned because recent research suggests that Asian American...

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