Climate change is an existential threat to our planet and Chinese Americans strongly support policies to protect the environment at an intensity greater than the general American public.  A multitude of factors contributes to the strong feelings among Chinese Americans for science and data-based policies that can move us towards a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

Geographically, the largest number of Chinese Americans live in cities that are also among the most polluted places in the U.S.  Eight of the top ten most polluted cities are in California, the home state for most Chinese Americans. Another city on the top ten list, the New York metropolitan area, also has a significant number of Chinese Americans.  The Houston metro area falls right outside the top ten list of polluted cities and is also a major hub for Chinese Americans. The devastating and unbearable environmental conditions in China may also be a factor. A recent study showed that close to 70% of Chinese emigrants, many of whom decide to leave for the U.S., pointed to pollution as a factor in their move.

Polling shows that Chinese Americans cite the environment as a top political issue and support government policies to protect the environment.  Fully 80% of Chinese American registered voters support stricter emission limits to address climate change, compared to 69% of all registered voters.  In California, 83% of Chinese Americans describe environmental issues as “very important” and 62% support increasing the gas tax to support the development of renewable energy sources. Indeed, Chinese Americans have shown their commitment to environmentalism by pioneering research revealing the disparate impact on race of toxic waste, as well as by establishing conservation groups and environmental protection associations where Chinese American professionals can contribute their scientific expertise.

We support policies that place limits on carbon emissions, expand the use of renewable energy, and encourage the reduction in use and production of disposable products.